How to be a Lady

The everyday life of a modern woman demands that she be a business lady, a corporate delegate, a wife, a mother, a housewife and a participant in social events at the same time.

The training is useful for every woman who wants to know when and how to be a lady.

The training “How to be a Lady” answers the following questions:

  • Is the women in business a lady?
  • Where is the border between emancipation and manners, between logic and emotions?
  • How can the modern woman handle the challenges of the business environment?
  • Is success a matter of priorities or a matter of choice?
  • How do we manage the value of time?
  • What is the price that the modern business woman has to pay for her success?

It will help you polish your knowledge and skills on:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Formal communication
  • Informal communication
  • Special etiquette for business cocktails
  • Table manners at different events
  • Understanding the dress code and color coordination for formal and informal events
  • Personal style as an important element of business etiquette
  • Specifics of choice of a purse for different events 
  • Accessories as a finishing touch of the visage

After “How to be a Lady” you will:

  • Have perfect personal and professional image
  • Be prepared for any personal or business event and meeting
  • Be able to influence the mood and opinion of others
  • Learn how to be in complete control of every situation
  • Multiply your chances of successful negotiations