DO NOT EXPECT to feel hypnotized.

A lot of people go into hypnotherapy thinking that the trans is something very different from „normal“ state. This is definitely not true. The slight trans will not be felt as something different than relaxation or that blissful state right before you wake up or fall asleep. Because the trans is a normal, natural state, the client feels a familiar feeling, while in it.

EXPECT to feel relaxed.

Hypnosis is a natural state, in which you feel a rising level of relaxation.

The entire time the CLIENT is in CONTROL.

During the time of entering the trans, you should know that the responsibility is yours. For example, if I tell you to stand up, you will, right? But if I tell you to go and rob a bank, you won’t. The same is with hypnosis. You are in control. You only take the suggestions, which are aligned with your own views and values.




In 1976 the famous psychiatrist and hypnotherapist Milton Ericson says: „Patients are patients because they have lost balance with their own subconscious… Patients are people, who have had so much outside programming, that they lost touch with their own self.“

In NLP we call the people we work with clients, not patients. But what Ericson says is still valid. People often lose touch with themselves. They stop looking for anything because they don’t know what they would want or how to achieve that. They remember with sadness the times in which they dreamed and dared to go after their dreams. Or they are fighting with their fears and negative emotions, hidden in their subconscious, which limit them and stand in their way.

Hypnosis is a way to communicate directly with His Majesty the Unconscious.


What can hypnosis help you achieve?

In my practice I rarely use hypnosis alone as a therapeutic measure for achieving the change, which the client desires. Usually I use hypnosis in the end in order to cement the changes achieved with NLP techniques and timeline therapy.

NLP prefers working with suggestive hypnosis – the introduction of a state of trans, and the hypnotic suggestions are made as that – suggestions, not orders. The directive (authoritarian) hypnosis is used with clients, who are a little more susceptible to hypnosis or for some reason the suggestive method doesn’t work for them.

With the help of hypnotherapy direct suggestions can be made in order to achieve the optimal health of the organism, as well as for healing specific organs or parts of the body. Hypnosis helps with treating different dependencies as well – smoking, alcoholism, food disorders, etc. The most important thing to remember is that the subconscious knows everything, therefore we can use our hypnotic „conversation“ with it to achieve the desired results. Progressive hypnosis is used also for creating a relaxing regiment, for motivation, setting and achieving goals, and regressive hypnosis – for returning to the past.

Anyone who immersed in the amazing world of hypnosis once, keeps looking inside the depths of their soul for a better connection between CONSCIOUS – UNCONSCIOUS.