Time line therapy

The creators of Time Line Therapy® are Tad and Adriana James.

Time line therapy is a set of techniques, which allow clients to free themselves and to completely remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs and decisions from the past.

According to Time Line Therapy, the experience we have from past events protects us in the present and future. What we’ve learned protects us from repeating the mistakes we’ve made, and helps us grow and develop, and create useful strategies for the present and future.

Time line therapy is a method for setting free all limiting beliefs.

Time line therapy is the only method, accredited by the creators of NLP Richard Bandler and John Grinder and integrated in NLP training.





The negative emotions that our unconscious feels and which are in our way, that block and make us sick are:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Hurt
  • Sadness
  • Fear

NLP uses Time Line Therapy in order to „clean“ negative emotions. How? The human brain is attacked constantly by over 2 million bites of information per second! It only perceived 134 bits of that information per second, which are then organized into 7 general sections. This organization is needed in order for chaos to be dispersed. I imagine that order as looking at a huge wardrobe with many sections, dividers, drawers, shelves. In early childhood – 4 to 7-8 years old, we feel for the first time strong negative emotions. Maybe your subconscious is „hiding“ from you the occasion in which a child takes away your favorite toy on the playground and that makes you feel a strong rage. That rage had never happened before and your brain is wondering where to put it in that wardrobe of emotions. It opens a drawer, puts the memory of this case inside, labels the drawer „Anger“ and closes it until the next occasion that demands it, arises. In this way, a normal person with a normal day-to-day life, with normal emotions and experiences, before their 30th year, will have overfilled their drawers with negative emotions.

Often a client would say „I’m afraid to start“ or „Something is stopping me“. The NLP therapeutic questions help localize the exact negative emotions, which need to be removed with the help of Time Line Therapy.

It always starts with anger. Anger is destructive and is in the way of removing other negative emotions later.

The best thing about Time Line Therapy is that it doesn’t torture the client with reliving painful experiences again and again. Change happens fast. After removing the negative emotions, a person feels calmer, braver, stronger and healthier. After having nothing to interfere from the past, the time for goal-setting for the future comes. A change made this way can change not only past events, but the present and future too. Everything is a matter of choice.